Air France-KLM launches its “Sustainable Aviation Fuel” programme

Air France-KLM is launching an innovative programme enabling companies to play an active role in the future of sustainable travel.

Air France and KLM Corporate customers, after an estimate of the CO₂ emissions associated with their travel, will be able to determine an annual contribution they wish to devote to the Corporate SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) programme.

All Air France and KLM contributions will be invested in the sourcing and consumption of SAF. This will support the creation of a sustainable aviation fuel industry that guarantees increasingly eco-responsible air transport.

By investing in this corporate programme, companies are taking concrete action to reduce CO₂ emissions and are contributing to the ecological transition of air transport by supporting innovative solutions.

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Sustainable aviation fuels, fundamental levers for the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

For many years, Air France and KLM have been involved in research and development programmes in the field of alternative fuels. In 2011, the two airlines were among the first to operate commercial flights, demonstrating a possible alternative to fossil fuels.

Sustainable aviation fuels can today be made from waste oils, waste products and forest residues. They can be incorporated into jet fuel without any engine modifications. Their use can reduce emissions by more than 85% compared to conventional fuel. The main challenge today is the development of a sustainable industry to which Air France and KLM’s corporate customers will be able to make a concrete contribution.

At a time when awareness of climate issues is at the heart of the strategy of many companies, the Air France-KLM Corporate SAF programme gives customers the opportunity to become players in the reduction of CO₂ emissions in the context of their business trips.

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