Jaguar unveils I‑PACE Concept

Jaguar unveils I‑PACE Concept

Electric Vehicles (EVs) offer a zero vehicle emission alternative to the combustion engine. Thanks to recent investment and advances in battery technology, the next generation of EVs, such as I‑PACE Concept, deliver a thrilling new driving experience.

A true Jaguar, I‑PACE Concept accesses its power in a range of driving environments too. With All Wheel Drive stability and sports car agility, I‑PACE Concept inspires confident driving on all road surfaces and in all weather conditions.

Technology is at the heart of I‑PACE Concept, yet it remains discreet and completely focused on enhancing driver and passenger enjoyment.

I‑PACE Concept can offer a range greater than 500km (310 miles) on a single charge. Its instant torque, All Wheel Drive capabilities and aerodynamic design enable I‑PACE Concept to achieve sports car acceleration, reaching 60mph in around 4 seconds. With 700Nm of instant torque available, I‑PACE Concept’s two electric motors together produce 400PS of power.

I‑PACE Concept’s sophisticated technology is never obvious or intrusive. Every control and interaction, each piece of information, falls logically and intuitively to hand, keeping your attention on the road.

I‑PACE Concept delivers effortless engagement through four screens conveniently positioned for the driver. The centre console contains two infotainment touchscreens, whilst vehicle information sits separately behind the steering wheel. A full-colour Head Up Display discreetly displays key information on the vehicle’s windscreen.
It is reported to cost around £60,000

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