Nobe, the EV of the future!

Roman Muljar, CEO Nobe Cars says, ”Our aim was to create a “feel-good ride” which spreads joy wherever it goes. With its retro yet modern style, state-of-the-art ECU, ride comfort and sporty acceleration, our Nobe 100 is truly special.

Doing test drives around Estonia and participating at the Geneva Car Show have confirmed that we are definitely on the right track.

On the road, our Nobe 100 is a real head-turner that makes you smile; when it’s parked, people will scurry around to take photos and talk about this unique automotive gem.

Nobe 100 may look a bit like a toy but it’s a lot more than that: It could be a hobby or a second or third family car, but it also tackles the urban environment and everyday challenges with remarkable ease. Great acceleration, agility, and it’s easy to park – what more could you want from a city car? Plus, its big wheels and all wheel drive makes it a real ATV = ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE”.

Setting Nobe a bit more apart from the rest is the innovative dual-battery system found in each automobile we make. With the main battery putting the power behind each three-wheeled classic a separate battery provides power for the supporting systems such as light, heat, and the ever present radio so you never miss a tune or turn along the way.

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