“Super Crystal” To Replace Silicon Solar cells

“Super Crystal” To Replace Silicon Solar cells

Scientists and engineers have been trying to squeeze profitable energy out of silicon solar cells for 62 years.
What they’re starting to realize is… as you’ll see in a moment… that’s never going to happen. When it comes to extracting energy from the sun – profitably – silicon is just not up to the task. Unfortunately, as things stand today, 90% of the world’s solar cells are made from silicon.
But here’s where things are about to change in a big way…
There’s a new element – what I’ll call a “super crystal” – that will soon replace silicon, and transform an industry.
One day soon…
The world will look back and remember silicon solar cells as a failed experiment…
A technology that was stretched to its scientific limits… until it snapped.
Billions upon billions in government subsidies wasted. Dreams of a renewable energy revolution unfulfilled.
That’s because silicon is about to be replaced by this new material that, quite simply, can do things scientists have tried…
And failed to push silicon solar cells to do.
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To understand the scope of this opportunity, consider the unique properties of this new alternative to silicon.
This miracle of science all begins with a materials science discovery about the rock you see here…
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Source: James Stafford, Founder and Intelligence Director of OilPrice.com
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