Top 10 Least Reliable Used Car Makes And Models

Top 10 Least Reliable Used Car Makes And Models

Warrantywise has published data from its Reliability Index for older cars

Expert data analysts at have created their latest Reliability Index using their extended warranty data – which takes into consideration several factors, including frequency of repairs and repair costs – to give each vehicle an overall score out of 100.

They have listed the top 10 least reliable used car makes below and it is interesting to see that the list is dominated by expensive, high-end vehicles and supercars, with Italian manufacturer, Ferrari, taking first position as the least reliable car make.

Ferrari scored a paltry 13.84 out of 100 in the Reliability Index, but with an average repair cost of £4,913.46 and the highest number of repairs of any of cars in the index – it is no surprise that this car is deemed the least reliable! Particularly when you consider the manufacturer at the other end of the scale is Honda, which we have been crowned the most reliable car make, with an average repair cost of £538.59!

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Coming in 2nd and 3rd positions are British manufacturers McLaren and Rolls Royce, again with a high number of repairs required and some of the highest average repair costs in the entire Reliability Index at £4,165.56 and £2,771.53, respectively. Moving down the list, it is clear that British manufacturers are the most heavily featured, with appearances from Italian, Japanese and American manufacturers along the way.

However, last place goes to American manufacturer, Tesla, which has clearly not built its reputation on reliability, with 39% of Tesla’s experiencing a fault with an average repair bill of £1,289.94!
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Most and least reliable used cars 


1. Lexus RX

2. Honda Jazz

3. Mitsubishi ASX

4. Dacia Sandero

5. Mazda 2

6. Volkswagen UP!

7. Nissan LEAF

8. Lexus CT

9. Ford Ecosport

10. Suzuki Alto


1. Bentley Continental GT

2. Audi A7

3. BMW X6

4. Porsche Cayenne

5. Chevrolet Captiva

6. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

7. Jaguar XJ

8. Audi Q7

9. Mazda CX5

10. Land Rover Range Rover

Source: Warrantywise Reliability Index

All data based on a minimum sample size of 100 vehicles per make and per model and relates to repairs between 01/01/2018 and 30/04/2020

Source / More information : Warrantywise

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