France unveils massive 2030′ green investment plan

French President Emmanuel Macron launched his long-term investment roadmap on Tuesday. Dubbed “France 2030,” it calls for €30 billion ($35 billion) to be spent on reducing carbon emissions while also revitalizing the industrial sector.

We must wage the battle of innovation and industrialization at the same time,” he told a meeting of French entrepreneurs, company leaders and university students, adding: “We need a country that produces more.”

The president promised to promote small, agile startups and create an environment where they could better compete with large, long-established enterprises. Other key components of the plan included investing in hydrogen and “small-sized” nuclear power plants, expanding electro-mobility, as well as the creation of what he called a “low-emission” airplane.

Information Source: es/aw (AFP, Reuters) | Energy, Climate, Renewable, Wind, Biomass, Sustainability, Oil Price, LPG, Solar