GE Renewable Energy to hire 300 employees in 2021

GE Renewable Energy announced its plan to recruit 300 employees at its LM Wind Power wind turbine blade manufacturing site in Cherbourg, France, in 2021. Every new hire will go through an intensive training program at the factory’s ‘Center of Excellence’ to learn wind turbine blade manufacturing processes. The expanded production workforce will allow LM Wind Power to meet the growing industry demand for offshore wind equipment.

The factory currently has more than 450 employees, with 34 percent being women. The facility became the first wind turbine blade manufacturing site in France when it was opened almost three years ago in April 2018.

The facility has produced the first offshore wind turbine blade longer than 100 meters, a 107-meters long blade that will be used in GE’s Haliade-X offshore wind turbine. A second 107-meter blade manufacturing mold is currently being installed at the plant.

Florence Martinez Flores, the site’s Human Resources Director, said: “The arrival of the second mold within the factory marks an increased activity for LM Wind Power in Cherbourg, and we are happy to welcome a large wave of new employees, allowing us to participate in social development and create more jobs in the surrounding community, but also to bring new skills to the region.”

The Cherbourg team is mostly looking to expand its production workforce, with positions that are open to all profiles and backgrounds. Every new employee will be trained to manufacture wind turbine blades through LM Wind Power’s ‘Center of Excellence’ training program – a six-week theoretical and practical training course, which will develop the skills and technical expertise required to produce high-quality wind turbine blades. The site will also be looking for production supervisors, quality controllers and maintenance technicians.

Following the training, employees receive official certificates recognized in the French industry, as a Qualification Certificate for Metallurgy Operations.———————————————————————————

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