Is diesel really on way out?

Is diesel really on way out?

Diesel consumption in Britain fell for the first time last year since the financial crisis more than a decade ago, official figures show.

Between January and November 2019, Britons filled up with nearly half a billion litres less diesel than they did the year previous, marking the first decline in consumption since 2008, according to HM Revenue and Customs data.

UK road fuel consumption (Jan- Nov) in billion litres

2009: Petrol 20.189, Diesel 22.904, Total 43.093

2010: Petrol 19.020, Diesel 23.624, Total 42.644

2011: Petrol 17.947, Diesel 23.697, Total 41.644

2012: Petrol 17.230, Diesel 23.978, Total 41.208

2013: Petrol 16.525, Diesel 24.608, Total 41.133

2014: Petrol 16.227, Diesel 25.509, Total 41.736

2015: Petrol 15.861, Diesel 26.404, Total 42.265

2016: Petrol 15.672, Diesel 27.482, Total 43.154

2017: Petrol 15.401, Diesel 27.720, Total 43.121

2018: Petrol 15.217, Diesel 27.909, Total 43.126

2019: Petrol 15.366, Diesel 27.416, Total 42.782

Source: HM Revenue and Customs

Average petrol prices rose by 2.5p a litre and diesel increased by 3p since mid- December, according to the AA’s latest fuel price index.

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