BNO Lubricants launches mobile oil transformer filtration system

BNO Lubricants, brand of Lub-rref (Bangladesh) ltd., has recently launched mobile oil transformer filtration system to improvise customer’s service.
The system consists of oil supply service across home consumers and is available to customers just by a call. The high-end system installed will increase dielectric strength of transformer oil used in in-service to rise up to a remarkable level. It also ensures longer shelf- life of processed oil along with offering aid in removing unwanted materials such as any foreign materials, any dissolved gas, moisture content, and further help in restoring pH value. The company has been maintaining a prominent position in oil & energy sector with its brand “BNO Lubricants” in Bangladesh.
Many other similar companies are pro-active in bringing high-end solution to the nation across different industries by launching higher quality oil at cost-effective rate.
filtrationIncreasing power consumption, growing rate of investment in the power sector and expansion activity of smart electrical grids in the developing regions are the key factors fostering the growth of the global transformer oil. Recently, bio-based transformer oil is gaining traction across industries.
There are many reports in the market that offer insights on the key drivers and restraints, current & future market trends, business profile of key market players along with tracking the changes in the competitive landscape. Recently, Big Market Research has added a report titled “Global Transformer Oil Market Opportunities and Forecast, 2014 – 2020. “As per the report, global transformer oil sales is expected to reach $3.4 billion by 2020, with the mineral oil-based transformer oil segment to dominate the market through the forecast period.
Source: Global Transformer Oil Market Opportunities and Forecast, 2014 – 2020
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