Cutting EU greenhouse gas emissions

What is effort sharing? To help fight climate change, EU leaders adopted in October 2014 the 2030 climate and energy framework, which includes binding targets to cut emissions in the EU by at least 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. In sectors such as transport, agriculture, buildings and waste management the reduction will amount to 30% by 2030 compared to 2005. These sectors account for the majority of the EU’s greenhouse gases (about 60% of total EU emissions in 2014). The targets above are also part of the EU’s commitment in the Paris Agreement. To guarantee that all countries participate in the EU’s efforts to reduce emissions coming from the sectors mentioned above, the Effort Sharing Decision establishes binding annual greenhouse gas emission targets for EU countries for the period 2013–2020. MEPs are now working on a new regulation that would be the successor of the Effort Sharing Decision. The proposal lays down EU countries’ minimum contributions to emission reductions for the period 2021-2030 as well as the rules for determining the annual emissions allocations and how to evaluate progress. Proposed national targets As the capacity for cutting emissions varies by member state, this is taken into account by basing the targets on the countries’ gross domestic product per capital. The resulting 2030 targets range from 0% to -40% compared to 2005 levels and are in line with the EU’s general 30% reduction target. Member state 2030 target compared to 2005 (Source: European Parliament briefing) Luxemburg -40% Sweden -40% Denmark -39% Finland -39% Germany -38% France -37% United Kingdom -37% Netherlands -36% Austria -36% Belgium -35% Italy -33% Ireland -30% Spain -26% Cyprus -24% Malta -19% Portugal -17% Greece -16% Slovenia -15% Czech Republic -14% Estonia -13% Slovakia -12% Lithuania -9% Poland -7% Croatia -7% Hungary -7% Latvia -6% Romania -2% Bulgaria 0% Source / More: European Parliament oilandgasOil and Gas News Undiluted !!! “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” Report your news Follow us: @OilAndGasPress on Twitter | OilAndGasPress on Facebook]]>