Formula E shows progress in electric motorsport

Formula E is the world’s first electric street racing series, defined by real street rivalries, raw electric performance, and renewable energy within reach.

Formula E is disruptive in motorsport, redefining the very boundaries of what a sport can be through the unique fusion of entertainment, sustainability, technology and innovation. We are fighting climate change by offering electric vehicles as a solution to air pollution in city centres and breaking down the barriers to the electric vehicle market: Technology, Perception and Infrastructure.

Sustainable Impacts of Formula E
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is at the forefront of sustainable studies. It takes a holistic view of the production, running and the end of life of the event, assessing its impact from the cradle to the grave, or to another cradle.

The LCA not only calculates our carbon footprint, but also performs a comprehensive data collection incorporating the championship’s impact on climate change, water footprint, ecosystems quality, natural resources and human health. The areas of Formula E activity that are assessed include development and production of the cars, freight, business travel, event logistic and management, spectator travel, infrastructure and overlay and energy consumption.

In our inaugural season, Formula E’s footprint was estimated at 25,000t CO2-eq. To put that in perspective, this number equals:
110 flights from London to Chicago with 320 passengers aboard

The electric consumption of 11,000 UK households per annum

3,400 trips around the Earth by Car

In season 2, our footprint has been calculated at 12,000 tCO2-eq. This number is equivalent to:

60 transatlantic flights from Paris to New York with 320 passengers aboard
The electricity consumption of 7,900 UK households
1,600 trips around the earth by car.

This is a significant decrease in our footprint from season 1

This shows that we have been improving our data collection from our first season where we overestimated our impacts, with this year bringing us closer to reality. It also proves that the LCA is a successful tool for measuring our impact and allowing us to take decisive actions in all areas of our activity in order to keep reducing our impact in the future, and increasing our positive sustainable legacy.

Our most impacting areas in Season 2 were freight, business travel and food and drinks:

Source / More : Formula E SUSTAINABLITY REPORT


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