Fuel in the future – What’s in store?

Fuel in the future – What’s in store?

With the help of Lookers who offer a variety of car servicing plans, we explore the future of fuel. Recently, diesel has come in for a lot of scrutiny recently due to the levels of Nitrogen Oxide our vehicles emit. So much so that the government in the UK proposed plans to ban any sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 as they try to clean the nation’s air quality.

As a result, 2017 was a record year for sales of electric vehicles, with over 4,000 new registrations per month in the UK — a significant increase compared to 2013 figures, which witnessed just 3,500 new registrations over the entire year!

As electric cars and hybrid vehicles become a more popular alternative, just what impact will this have on traditional fuel sources?

What impact will this have on fuel prices?
Simon Williams, a RAC fuel spokesman, stated: “Both petrol and diesel are now at their highest points for more than three years which is bound to be making a dent in household budgets”.

The RAC and other industry experts have encouraged supermarkets to reduce their fuel prices to make the public be able to afford the fuel type.

This came closely after a three-year high was witnessed for the price of fuel and diesel on the UK’s forecourts. At the start of 2018, three of the UK’s leading supermarkets had listened to the RAC’s call for lower fuel prices, and reduced fuel prices by up to 2p per litre as of February 2018.

Brexit, harmful emissions and conflict with the UAE have all factored into the yo-yo affair on fuel prices in the UK. Fuel prices haven’t been steady for some time now – and a plan to eliminate petrol and diesel cars will not help steady the cost of fuel either. Read More…..Fuel in the future – What’s in store?

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