Omsk Oil Refinery

Omsk Oil Refinery refined 20.95 million tons of oil in 2012
The Omsk Oil Refinery increased its total volume of oil refined from 2011 to 2012 by 5 percent, up to 20.95 million tons. The depth of refining in 2012 was 88.83 percent, which is one of the best results in the industry.
The Omsk Oil Refinery’s production of motor gasoline grew by 14.5 percent to 4.7 million tons. The proportion of high-octane gasoline produced was 88 percent, which is 2 percent higher than the 2011 level.
3.2 million tons of marine fuel produced in 2012 is 1.5 times higher than the amount produced in 2011. Production of kerosene grew by 8.2 percent up to 1.5 million tons.
In 2012, a motor fuel hydroskimming complex was commissioned in a series of stages. The complex includes a catalytic cracking gasoline hydrotreatment unit and a diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit. This allowed the plant to raise its production of environmental grades 4 and 5 gasoline to 2.38 million tons, which exceeds the 2011 levels by over thirty times, and also begin production of environmental grades 4 and 5 diesel fuel.
The World Refining Association (WRA) declared Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Oil Refinery the best oil refinery in Russia and the CIS countries in 2012. The WRA had a very high opinion of projects implemented at the Omsk Oil Refinery as part of the 2020 modernization program.
In 2012, the Omsk Oil Refinery’s products once again won the Russia’s 100 Best Products contest. The winning products were Super Euro 98 motor gasoline and BND 90/130 high-viscosity road petroleum asphalt. The prize-winning products in the non-consumer goods category were Regular 92 unleaded motor gasoline, ultra-pure petroleum benzene, summer diesel fuel, and DMA low-viscosity marine fuel (SMT).
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