PetroHab™ Launching Innovative ATEX Certified Automatic Shut Down System at OTC

PetroHab, the world’s premier provider of hot work safety enclosures (HWSE), announced the official launch of its state-of-the-art ATEX certified Safe-Stop™ automatic shutdown system.
Designed and manufactured in Dundee, Scotland, the Safe-Stop modular shutdown system (MSDS) works in conjunction with the 100% US-made pressurized Petro-Habitat HWSE to provide unrivalled safety whenever hot work is conducted in the vicinity of potential flammables, such as in ATEX Zone 1 rated hazardous areas on oil rigs and at refineries.
By continuously monitoring the pressure inside the Petro-Habitat HWSE, the Safe-Stop MSDS enhances the Petro-Habitat’s safety by only allowing hot work to be conducted inside the HWSE if the air pressure within it exceeds the air pressure outside of it, thereby creating what is often referred to as a “positive pressure environment”. This serves to prevent unwanted flammable gases from entering the enclosure, which allows hot work to be safely undertaken in the Petro-Habitat, without the need to shut down the facility where the hot work is to take place.
Source: PetroHab, LLC
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