Saudi Arabia’s New wetland adding protection

In collaboration with Aramco’s Environmental Protection Department, Khurais Producing Department (KhPD) has recently rehabilitated the site of its fenced area into three sparkling ponds with more than 120 local tree saplings, three bird nesting towers, and two small natural rock shelters, transforming it into the heart of the Khurais Biodiversity Area.

KhPD manager Mohammed I. Sowayigh says the artificial wetland was built to further protect the site’s resources and endemic species, and its trees are sustained with treated water from the sewage treatment plant.

“As our operational footprint continues to grow, so does our commitment toward a sustainable environment,” said Sowayigh. “Saudi Aramco and its Southern Area Oil Operations admin area continues to invest considerable efforts and resources into various initiatives around the Kingdom to help protect and preserve our natural environment.

“In recent years, a major focus was given to air quality and groundwater conservation, which resulted in a positive impact through the deployment of initiatives such as flare gas recovery, and a seawater reverse osmosis plant,” said Sowayigh. “This commitment has grown over the years toward preserving the biodiversity of Khurais in keeping with Saudi Aramco’s ongoing efforts toward nurturing the Kingdom’s plants and animals, which is aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.”

Source / More : Saudi Aramco


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