Shell builds bunker vessel for LNG

Shell builds bunker vessel for LNG

Shell built a special bunker vessel to ships sailing on LNG (liquefied natural gas) fueling. The bunker vessel will be based in the port of Rotterdam where it will make use of the newly built LNG loading pier at the Gas Access to Europe (Gate) terminal. The bunker vessel is a next step in the development of LNG as a cleaner fuel for shipping.

The demand for LNG as fuel for the maritime sector is increasing because of more stringent requirements regarding the reduction of emissions, which will be in force in January 2015. The new fuel industry can meet future regulations. The ships already sail on LNG, are now for the delivery of up to -162 ° C chilled liquid natural gas tankers designated.

“This specialized bunker vessel for LNG is therefore good news,” says Martin Wetselaar, Executive Vice President, Integrated Gas at Shell. “Potential customers want assurance that their LNG reliable and can be safely delivered. Shell’s investment in this ship, but also the agreements on the removal of capacity at the Gate terminal, emphasize our confidence in the increasing share of LNG in the fuel mix. ”

The bunker ship being built by STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, based on a groundbreaking design. The vessel will have a capacity of 6,500 m3 of LNG, will be very efficient and can even sail on LNG as fuel. Particularly the innovative transfer system with which a ship can come to both large and small LNG terminals. Also, this system makes it possible to provide a large variety of vessels of liquefied natural gas.

LNG is an emerging, competitive and moreover cleaner fuel for shipping. It can contribute to the reduction of sulfur emissions, particulates and nitrogen oxides compared to conventional marine fuel. The development of LNG as a fuel option depends partly on the availability of infrastructure and distribution network.

“We have worked closely with customers to determine which this new bunker ship must comply. We apply cutting-edge technology, “explains Grahaeme Henderson, Vice President Shell Shipping & Maritime. “It is a pleasure to work on this project with STX and Shell is proud to take the lead in the development of LNG as fuel for shipping.”


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