UL Renewables and ONYX Insight collaborate on wind energy technologies

The partnership in joint technology areas will provide a broader range of solutions to the asset life extension challenge and ensure long-term profitability.

UL Renewables, the global safety science leader and renewable energy experts, has deepened its partnership with ONYX Insight, a leading provider of data analytics and engineering expertise to the global wind industry. The businesses are collaborating on an expanded life extension program, using UL’s wind forecasting and structural assessment with ONYX Insight’s O&M expertise and predictive technology, to help operators generate additional revenue – and clean energy – from their maturing assets.

More than 15% of wind projects will reach the 15-20 year-old bracket in 2022. As assets age, they can become less reliable, leaving operators with three main choices to safeguard their investment: repowering, decommissioning, or life extension. By removing uncertainty around crucial maintenance decisions, advanced analysis and monitoring technology is transforming the economics of life extension and delivering years of extra revenue for asset owners at an affordable cost.


Dating back to 2014, ONYX Insight and UL’s partnership includes due diligence on over 100GW of assets globally. It covers technical advisory on green and brown field M&A projects as well as repowering , involving turbine technical review, evaluating technology or contractual risks, and operational expenditure forecasts.

The businesses have built on their collaboration with recent life extension projects, with hundreds of turbines across a range of makes and models. The expansion of the partnership will enhance UL’s in-house structural analysis with drivetrain evaluation capabilities as well as structural health monitoring for turbines, towers, and foundations through ONYX Insight’s advanced sensing solutions and analytics.

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