Launch of online automatic SCAL simulator

PanTerra Geosconsultants BV today announces that a novel online automatic SCAL simulator is now available on its website: AutoSCORES is a brand new software tool intended to perform automatic history matching of SCAL experiments. Reservoir engineers and SCAL analysts with full agendas can use it to enhance the interpretation of SCAL experiments by running selected experiments to be matched simultaneously in the software.

Albert Hebing, Laboratory Manager at PanTerra Geoconsultants, says: “With AutoSCORES, we are offering a professional yet lean and user friendly online software that enables reservoir engineers, petrophysicists and SCAL analysts to analyse and interpret SCAL experiments quickly and easily from any computer and without lengthy software familiarization.”

AutoSCORES is a product of extensive experience and proficiency in designing and performing SCAL analyses. The fully automated history matching model has been built around the existing SCORES, an open source simulation tool for SCAL flow experiments constantly improved by Dr. Jos Maas for the past 20 years.

Dr. Jos Maas, SCORES developer and AutoSCORES initiator, explains the reason for using AutoSCORES as follows: “We developed this tool after seeing the need of an online software that combines accessibility and ease-of-use with a powerful SCAL methodology toolbox geared to diminish the interference of relative permeability and capillary pressure.”

Aside from convenience and user friendliness, AutoSCORES is highly affordable through its pay as you use subscriptions. AutoSCORES can be accessed free of charge throughout September 2019.