Sustainable startup projects showcased at innovation incubator

Schlumberger has a long-standing commitment to research, engineering and technology innovation with a focus on environmental sustainability.

As part of this commitment, the company is a partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation and its World Alliance for Efficient Solutions initiative to identify 1,000 clean, efficient and profitable solutions.

Bertrand Piccard, the founder of the initiative, was the keynote speaker at the Schlumberger Blue Tech Innovation Awards held at Station F, an innovation incubator based in Paris that hosts hundreds of startups in the domains of digital, sustainability and mobility.

At the event, Piccard described how challenging conventional thinking led to the round-the-world journey of Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered airplane, and how this resulted in major advancements in materials, lightweight technology and energy efficiency.

He also discussed how this achievement demonstrates the potential of clean technology and the need to keep innovating.

Source / More : Schlumberger

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