TechnologyCatalogue Raises €0.8 Million from angel investors

TechnologyCatalogue Raises €0.8 Million from angel investors, founded in 2018 to accelerate the uptake of technology in the Energy sector, based on extensive experience of the founders with technology strategy & management. The platform makes finding technology in the energy industry as easy as finding a restaurant and provides access to all required support to help position technology for success.

It addresses the issue that end-users in the Energy industry often struggle to know which technologies are available, and what has already been used by others. Also, people often don’t have the specific technical expertise required to sustainably embed the technology in their business. For providers of technology, the platform is effectively a 24/7 exhibition to showcase their technologies, and offers a viable alternative to traditional exhibitions, conferences and trade missions.

“Since the launch of the platform in 2018, we have seen an incredible growth. Already >30,000 unique users have made use of the platform. We now have >300 registered technologies, and our aim is to grow to >5000 in a few years from now. With the additional funds we will rapidly enhance the functionality. As a next step, we will also expand to other industries, this way allowing cross-sharing of technologies between industries,” says Vincent van Beusekom, co-founder and Managing Partner at

“The investors have an extensive network and expertise that will help to grow the company further. From their current and past roles, they understand how this platform can support the industry with the drive to make the most of existing assets whilst reducing CO2 emissions. We look forward to working together with this group of investors,” says Erik Nijveld, co-founder and Managing Partner at


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