3 Hottest Electric Vehicle Stocks

3 Hottest Electric Vehicle Stocks

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) might be too expensive a play to offer the upside we’re all looking for in the EV sector…

But some of the absolute best growth opportunities right now are in this sector–and anything that ties into it.

EV-linked stocks are blowing away the S&P 500 and the Dow.

Tesla’s on a tear–up over 400% this year–and the better it does, the better the EV-linked stocks do.

But one thing is clear: Growth stocks are still outperforming value stocks–and have been for years. Tomorrow’s growth prospects are wildly more lucrative than today’s simple profits when we’re talking about revolutionary ideas and technology.

From direct Tesla challengers on the EV circuit …

And comprehensive tech-driven ecosystems that are riding the EV sector wave on multiple surfboards …

To major developments on the hydrogen fuel cell scene …

The tie-in opportunities for investors are as many as they are big.

Here are 3 stocks that offer brilliant growth-tie-ins to the expanding EV industry:

1 Fisker

Fisker (NYSE:FSR) is the new darling of the non-Tesla EV world because it boasts the most sustainable vehicle on the road: It’s not just electric… it’s also is made with some recycled materials. It’s the Ocean SUV–the SUV that just might end up removing all the “shame” from driving a big family vehicle.

Now, the stock is soaring in the wake of its first Wall Street “Buy” rating, which came on November 9th, along with a $22 price target–double where the stock was when Cowen analyst Jeffrey Osborne made the call.

There’s been some crazy volatility here lately. The stock went from $10.17 at the beginning of the year to as high as $17.39 in mid-September and even dipped all the way down to $8.96 on October 29th before repairing to around $17.50 on November 13th.

2 Facedrive (TSXV:FD,OTC:FDVRF)

If ever there was a stealth tie-in to the EV surge, it’s Steer, the elite-for-the-masses Electric Vehicle subscription company that plans to revolutionize the transportation industry.

And it was just acquired by Facedrive–an incredibly ambitious Canadian ‘Silicon Valley’ tech company that’s got pioneering “impact investing” verticals reaching into everything from transportation and healthcare to food delivery and eSports.

Steer gives you your own virtual gallery of EVs many might never have been able to afford otherwise … and delivers them to your doorstep whenever you want for how long you want.

When Facedrive scooped up Steer in September, the deal also included a $2-million strategic investment by energy giant Exelon’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Exelorate Enterprises, LLC.

If you want to drive a Tesla AND an Audi e-Tron … this is the way to do it.

Canadian Facedrive has to be singled out here because it’s probably the smartest company we’ve seen in its strategy of tying into multiple tech-driven ESG industries for maximum impact and tons of verticals.

3 Plug Power

Plug Power (NYSE:PLUG) is one of those plays that defines speculation. But here’s the thing: it’s based on an industry that’s on track to be worth $11 trillion.

This is a hydrogen fuel cell play, and the massive money inflow around hydrogen could keep PLUG–a highly volatile stock of late–pumping along nicely.

Riding high the hydrogen hype, PLUG is up over 517% year-to-date:

The stock surged 6% that morning and then lost 6% by close as investors considered what they thought of PLUG’s earnings and worried about the EV-related bubble bursting and getting left caught holding the hydrogen bag.

But you have to know how to play the volatility and be patient.

The response on November 10th to PLUG’s Q3 earnings the day before demonstrates the volatility here.

The stock surged 6% that morning and then lost 6% by close as investors considered what they thought of PLUG’s earnings and worried about the EV-related bubble bursting and getting left caught holding the hydrogen bag.

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