Amnesty takes on Shell

Rights group Amnesty International (AI) has challenged the Anglo-Dutch oil company Shell over its claims that sabotage was responsible for a seven-day-long oil spill in Nigeria in June.
“No matter what evidence is presented to Shell about oil spills, they constantly hide behind the ‘sabotage’ excuse and dodge their responsibility for massive pollution that is due to their failure to properly maintain their infrastructure,” AFP quoted Audrey Gaughran, the director of global issues at the Amnesty, as saying in a statement on Thursday.
She said that “the investigation process into oil spills in the Niger Delta is a fiasco,” she said, referring to the oil-producing region that is home to Africa’s largest crude industry.
Amnesty accused Shell of ignoring evidence that the latest spill in the Delta’s Bodo Creek area had been caused by pipeline corrosion.
“Shell have said locally that the spill looks like sabotage, and they completely ignore the evidence of corrosion,” said Stevyn Obodoekwe of the Center for Environment, Human Rights, and Development, which co-authored the Amnesty statement. “This has generated a lot of confusion and some anger in the community.”
They also said Shell has been slow to respond to 10,000 barrel oil spill in the Niger delta.
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