Benthic awarded geotechnical investigation contract

Benthic awarded geotechnical investigation contract

Benthic, a global geosciences company, has been awarded a contract by Neptune Marine Services Ltd for an offshore geotechnical investigation to collect seabed geotechnical data off the coast of north Western Australia.

Operating from the Nor Captain, Benthic’s PROD (Portable Remotely Operated Drill) will perform rotary drilling and piston coring, and in-situ testing using a piezo-cone penetrometer to identify the soil conditions and geotechnical properties of the soil for placement of a mobile jack-up drilling rig. PROD will penetrate to minimum depths of 30 meters below the mudline, in water depths of 100 meters. Interpretive Geotechnical Data Reports will be provided to Neptune following laboratory sample testing.

Benthic’s expertise in seabed drilling provides Neptune with the safest, most efficient solution. Controlled remotely by computer, human interaction with heavy, mechanical equipment is kept to a minimum reducing overall safety risks. Operating directly on the seabed, PROD can switch dynamically between drilling and testing tools in a single deployment increasing productivity while collecting extremely accurate, high quality data.