Black-Market Oil in Niger Delta

Nigerian security services have torched more than 900 illegal oil refineries in the country’s coastal areas, but locals say business hasn’t stopped. While oil companies and the government complain they are losing more than $1 billion a month in proceeds from stolen oil, workers at the illegal refineries say the oil belongs to all Nigerians and that, for many, it is the only way to make a living.
The truth is that there is no social security system in Nigeria. The people in the area have no option but to be more resouceful in carving out a living in there highly polluted settlements as the main Fishing industry has been decimated by oil spills.
They have acutally created an economy where everyone in the community gets a cut of the profits and the local law enforcement looks the other way.
Some say the nation is losing a lot of crude to oil theft. would like to know the percentage of the revenue lost by these petty operations as compared to the revenue generated by the oil industry as a whole.
I’snt it time for the government to provide oil related jobs for the people in these communities?.
They can be hired to clean up the oil spills. It is also time to license some of these ‘illegal’ refineries to process salvaged crude from clean up operations. They can be taxed, hence providing revenue to the govt.
One thing is certain though, They will never stop as long as their communities are continually negleted.
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