BP launches Couchfood™ in collaboration with Uber Eats in Australia

BP announced in June that it is trialling home delivery from its petrol and convenience stores.

Launching Couchfood™ (powered by BP), the new service is now available via Uber Eats.

Available from stores across Australia, snackers can now enjoy their favourite snack food from the comfort of their couch.

As more customers shop convenience, meals and snacks from BP, the latest collaboration with Uber Eats enables BP to offer an on-demand service to customers, bringing joy and providing snacks to their door.

Adam Arnold, General Manager, Marketing and Retail Innovation at BP says, “We recognise the changing habits of our consumers, with millennials in particular regularly using the Uber Eats app for greater convenience. We keep adding new locations for Couchfood™ as we see considerable demand for a wide range of snacks and drinks from customers wanting to order from the comfort of their couch,” Arnold says.

“BP is excited to offer food and drinks via the Uber Eats app. We have partnered with Uber Eats as we know consumers are looking for ease, and enjoying the things that matter to them most, like spending time with family and friends at home, particularly as it gets colder” Arnold adds.
Tapping into the millennial mindset and food ordering behaviour, BP found 1 in 4 Australians aged 25-34 will order from a meal delivery app weekly , spending an average $102 per month through meal delivery apps .
The launch of Couchfood™ is one of the many innovative partnerships the retailer has planned.

“Our Couchfood™ categories include Salty Snacks, Candy Shop, Chocolates to Share and even Pantry Picks – with milk and bread available.

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