Challenges security agencies face in combating crude oil theft in Nigeria

Serial negligence of security institutions, inadequate number of patrol ships, dilapidated equipment and the desperation of some Nigerians to make a living out of crime were yesterday identified as critical factors responsible for the upsurge in illegal oil bunkering in Nigeria.
In a presentation before the lawmakers, the naval chief said that the large expanse of the Nigerian territorial waters and inadequate number of ships to patrol the vast coastline has been a major challenge to the Navy.
Vice Admiral Ola Saad Ibrahim disclosed that the. Navy had always had difficulties patrolling the country’s territorial waters spanning across 84,000 square nautical miles and having an oil pipeline network stretching across 6,000 miles.
We would have thought that the Navy would have a strategic plan drawn up to target high crime areas. Afterall they are no currently involved in any wars. Would this be the same excuse they would give if Nigeria was at security risk by sea?.
The Nigeria Navy needs to get its act together and implement a system that safeguards the only source of tangible income for the people of Nigeria.