China builds solar farm the size of 195 football pitches. Consists of 196,320 solar panels

The city of Ordos set a Guinness World Record on July 9 with the largest solar panel image in the shape of a horse.

The magnificent pattern was created at a solar energy power generation base in the hinterland of the Kubuqi desert in Dalad Banner with 196,320 solar panels, occupying an area of 1,398,421 square meters.

The record was created by SPIC Nei Mongol Energy Co, and it will be included in the famous book published by the Guinness World Records organization to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the New China.

Last year, the first phase of the photovoltaic power generation base, which occupies an area of around 6,667 hectares, began construction in Dalad Banner.

Estimates say that the annual energy output of the base will reach 4 billion kilowatt hours, and will bring in 1.5 billion yuan ($218.54 million) every year once the first phase of the project is finished.

Source / More : city of Ordos

Incredible pictures show China’s £1.7 billion record-breaking solar farm which shows a HORSE pattern when viewed from above


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