Clean Sea Organization hosts first international oil spill conference

At a regional meeting of oil companies to discuss methods for environmental stewardship last week, Saudi Aramco shared some of its best practices in the prevention of oil spills, and methods of environmental preservation.

The First RECSO Enviro Spill Conference and Exhibition was hosted by the Regional Clean Sea Organization — a 13-member oil industry co-operative organization formed in 1972 with the objective of accomplishing a cleaner and safer environment.

In delivering the keynote speech at the opening ceremony, Abdulhakim A. Al-Gouhi, vice president of Industrial Services with Saudi Aramco, called on members to collaborate to protect the pristine Gulf environment through prevention, preparedness, and response.

“We come together to demonstrate our unlimited commitment toward protecting the marine environment from any harmful effects of pollution, in general, and of oil spills in particular,” said Al-Gouhi.

He noted that Saudi Aramco demonstrated its expertise in oil spill mitigation at the height of the Gulf War in 1991, when an estimated 8 to 11 million barrels of oil were released in what is thought to be the largest oil spill in human history, and established oil spill contingency plans, response teams, training programs, and oil spill drills that put Saudi Aramco at the forefront of the industry.

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