DONG Energy installs 1,000th wind turbine at sea

DONG Energy installs 1,000th wind turbine at sea

Offshore wind turbine number 1,000 was commissioned at the German offshore wind farm Gode Wind 2, which is one of the many that DONG Energy fully or partly owns and operates in the UK, Denmark and Germany.

A number of major milestones in offshore wind have come in the UK – in 2007, the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm in Liverpool Bay was the first to use the world’s biggest offshore wind turbines at the time at 3.6 megawatts (MW).

The next breakthrough came in 2015, when DONG Energy built Westermost Rough offshore wind farm off the Holderness coast with 6MW wind turbines. And in September this year, DONG Energy installed the first 8MW offshore turbines at Burbo Bank Extension.

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