Eagle Automation and VanZandt Controls Join Forces

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eagle Automation, a leader in measurement and automation for industrial customers, announced the signing of an agreement to join forces with VanZandt Controls LLC, Midland TX. Since 2015, VanZandt Controls has become a trusted distributor for valve automation, flow measurement, instrumentation, and controls.

Featheringill Capital in Birmingham, AL will be the owner alongside of management. Liz Pharo, Managing Partner Featheringill Capital, commented “We are super excited to bring these two businesses together. Combined, we will be one of the largest woman-owned businesses to serve customers in the industrial market. Don Maness will be the CEO of the combined business. I am confident in his leadership. Don has over 30 years of experience in the industrial automation industry.”

Piper Sandler & Co. served as the exclusive financial advisor to VanZandt Controls.

About The Combined Businesses

Eagle Automation and VanZandt Controls will have over 200 employees with a combined 12 locations serving customers in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, and Arkansas. The Company headquarters will be in Fort Worth, TX. A highly skilled sales force including outside sales and inside will serve both businesses and provide a single face to customers.

Don Maness, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “The two businesses are very complementary. VanZandt Controls is a premier distributor of valve automation, flow measurement, instrumentation and controls products with unmatched capability in valve production and machining. Eagle Automation is a world class systems integrator, services, application engineering, panel shop and board repair provider. Together, we are a complete lifecycle solutions and services provider. What we do for our customers is absolutely mission critical. Our combined offering and ability to impact a customer’s ESG initiatives will be unmatched in the industry.”

Expanding the capabilities of both businesses to each location will be a strong initial focus. For legacy Eagle locations, driving valve automation will be a priority. Alex Irizarry, Vice President/General Manager Rockies, commented, “In the Rockies, we will now have the ability to provide VanZandt’s valve automation solutions to our customers. That is powerful when combined with our existing flow measurement, instrumentation and controls offering. Together, we close the loop on process control.” Kaye Jennings, Vice President/General Manager San Juan, commented, “Customers, systems integrators, and service providers visit our Farmington, NM location in the mornings to pick up what they need for the day or week. Now they will be able to make one less stop because we can provide their valve automation needs in addition to flow measurement, instrumentation, and controls.” Within legacy VanZandt locations, leveraging Eagle’s capabilities will be a priority. Jeff Ward, Vice President/General Manager Gulf South, commented, “In the Gulf South we can now expand our VanZandt value added distributor model and offer our customers Eagle’s control panels, system integration, services, and board repair/recycle.”

In the combined company, both brands will be retained. Lance VanZandt, Executive Vice President Sales, commented, “I am pleased to announce that VanZandt Controls will continue to be our distribution brand. That was obviously very important to me and the VanZandt team. In addition, we will promote the Eagle Automation brand for system integration, installation, services, panels and board repair.” In addition to the brands, both businesses’ legal entities will be retained allowing for a seamless transition for all existing customers. Don Maness commented, “In discussions with several key customers, all were excited that we would be retaining both brands and legal entities. We can immediately move forward with providing a broader offering to our customers.”

Serving customers with speed has been a priority for both companies. Jeff Wesson, Executive Vice President/General Manager of the Permian, commented, “We are thrilled to join forces with Eagle Automation. We will continue our motto of being first to quote, first to deliver, and provide reliable service to our customers. Eagle Automation enables us to have a broader scope of products and services. We are pleased at the opportunities this will present to our employees. Being able to better serve our customers and seeing that our greatest asset, our people, are being taken care of, is an answer to prayer.”

In a recent leadership meeting in Midland TX, Don Maness delivered this message to the team about the core values of the combined companies. “I am thrilled to be CEO of the combined business. We will win together with a purpose. Faith, Family, and Diversity will be our foundation. Safety and Integrity are our pillars. Maintaining these priorities will allow us to serve our customers, hire and retain top talent, and have great manufacturer partnerships on a long-term basis.” Larry Richards, outgoing Chairman VanZandt Controls, commented, “During the past several months, Don and I spent significant time together. Our leadership styles and values align well. Don will do a great job as CEO of the combined companies. While I am retiring after 35 years in the industry, I am committed to helping Don and the team any way I can going forward.”

About VanZandt Controls

VanZandt Controls was founded in 2015 by Lance VanZandt. Our company distributes, packages and services automated valves, flow measurement and instrumentation products for use in energy, chemicals, and other industrial markets. Since inception, our business rapidly grew to become one of the leading providers of valve automation and controls in its space. Our value-add distribution model emphasizes focus on solving customer demands through fit-for-purpose product packages, with a service and commissioning component. Our products serve mission critical applications where product quality and timing of delivery are crucial. For more information, visit www.vanzandtcontrols.com.

About Eagle Automation

Founded in 2000, Eagle Automation (formerly SCADA Products) is a measurement and automation solutions provider for industrial customers. Our core capabilities are systems integration, services, application engineering, control panels, and board repair. Eagle’s approach is to provide modular and easily deployable solutions that minimize complexity and required field installation time and resources. A team of Application Engineers can completely design, document configure, and commission automation solutions. A 24,000 square foot panel shop in Fort Worth, TX (formerly Texas Energy Control Products) provides main control panels, remote control panels, electrical panels, mechanical assemblies and stand/skids for customers. Service offerings include embedded measurement technicians, automation technicians, communications technicians, power line electricians, instrumentation and electrical technicians. A board repair and recycle facility in Farmington, NM can accommodate over 50 circuit board types and fabricate custom cables/connectors. For more information, visit www.eagleautomation.com.


Conner McCabe

Eagle Automation, CFO