EduCycle climate change game

Neste and SyraWise have agreed to include the EduCycle climate change learning game as part of the SyraWise Rescuebusters safety game to enrich the game with climate and environmental aspects. The two companies published the agreement at Slush.

Neste’s augmented reality EduCycle game and SyraWise’s 3D animated Rescuebusters are both designed for educational purposes and to be used at schools, but they also suit many other contexts. In future, the Rescuebusters brand will also use augmented reality to teach about other subjects.

Neste developed EduCycle as part of its Pre-order the Future project. EduCycle was selected for production among a total of five future projects or services which were subjected to a public vote and jury evaluation. EduCycle was launched in April, and is now being used at schools in several countries. Players learn in a practical manner how their choices can influence the climate and our living environment – in both positive and negative ways. The objective is to bring carbon dioxide emissions to the level specified in the Paris Agreement.

“EduCycle has been a success, and we want the game to be available to as many children and young people as possible. For this purpose, we wanted to find a partner who has the ability and the necessary prerequisites for developing the game further. SyraWise was just the right partner for us: EduCycle and Rescuebusters fit well together, and the company continues to develop the games. There are many similarities in the technology, visual concepts, target groups and the general outlook,”

says Osmo Kammonen, Senior Vice President for Communications and Brand Marketing at Neste.

“Rescuebusters was developed to support safety and rescue education at schools. There’s also demand for the game outside the school system, for example in the development of internal corporate safety communications and safety culture. EduCycle introduces a new dimension to the game, supporting environmental safety and education,” says CEO Markus Syrjänen from SyraWise.

Source / More: Neste Corporation

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