EPA Responds to Tropical Storm Marco,Laura

EPA Responds to Tropical Storm Marco,Laura

With Tropical Storm Marco impacting the Gulf Coast and Tropical Storm Laura projected to follow a similar path, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking the necessary steps to help communities in the Gulf Coast area stay prepared and stands ready to respond accordingly to what could potentially be substantial flooding. Unlike some natural disasters, the onset of a tropical storm or hurricane is foreseeable and allows for early preparations to lessen its effects.

“EPA stands ready to assist the communities in the Gulf Coast that may face back-to-back storms,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “Although we are in unprecedented times due to the presence of COVID-19, the agency will ensure the safety of those communities, as well as our preparedness and response personnel.”

EPA continues to work with its tribal, state, local, and federal partners on emergency management activities related to these storms.

The agency assesses conditions at Superfund sites in the potentially affected areas and tasks site managers with assessing conditions and preparing for impacts such as high winds, heavy rainfall, and fire damage. EPA project managers also contact the responsible entities and request implementation of appropriate actions to secure the sites. In addition, the agency often provides an estimate of the total number of potentially impacted industrial, oil, drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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