Friendship Pipeline to Carry Iran’s Gas to Iraq and Syria

A gas pipeline named Friendship will be constructed across Iran, Iraq and Syria territories.
Petroleum ministry’s spokesperson, Alireza Nikzad Rahbar, made the remarks today at a press conference adding a 56-inch gas pipeline that starts from Assaluyeh, onshore installations of South Pars Gas Field, will reach Iran-Iraq border to feed three gas-burning power plants in the neighboring country.
Iran and Iraq have taken some steps for construction of the pipeline, Nikzad said adding in near future a three lateral meeting in Baghdad will draft necessary program for extending the pipeline to Syria soil.
The gas pipelined will be designed in a way that having enough capacity for gas exports to other Muslim countries including Jordan and Lebanon, the official said adding the pipeline is likely to be extended to the border of European countries in order to meet their gas needs, if necessary.
He added the planned pipeline would deepen regional and religious ties among the three countries as well as other Muslim countries in the region.
Referring to construction of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, Nikzad said construction of two gas pipelines including Peace and Friendship is a sign of prevailing good relations in the region.
On the latest developments related to construction of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, the official said: Under agreements reached between the two counties it is expected construction of the pipeline to come to an end in near future and gas exports to start new year.
Source: Pars Oil & Gas Company