Gazprom implements measures to prevent and fight corporate corruption

The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information concerning the measures aimed at preventing and fighting corruption at Gazprom Group.
It was highlighted at the meeting that the anti-corruption activities were carried out on an ongoing basis in accordance with the existing legislation and the Company’s regulatory documents, particularly the Code of Corporate Ethics.
In the course of contracting and procurement processes great attention is paid to identifying the risks related to the affiliation between potential contractors and the Company’s employees. Measures are taken to prevent and eliminate conflicts of interest.
Gazprom and a number of subsidiaries have hotlines for collecting information with a view to prevent offenses, including embezzlement and fraud.
The Board of Directors instructed the Management Committee to take further steps in this regard.
The Board of Directors also endorsed the measures for ensuring legal security at Gazprom Group.
Source: Gazprom
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