GE Opens New Global R&D Center in Brazil

GE Opens New Global R&D Center in Brazil

General Electric (NYSE: GE) announced the opening of the $500 million Brazil Technology Center that will focus on developing advanced subsea oil and gas technology. The center, GE’s first in Latin America, will be a hub for engagement and collaboration with GE’s customers in the region and is expected to employ 400 researchers in the future. In the twentieth century, one of mankind’s greatest feats was successfully landing on the moon more than 235,000 miles from earth. In the 21st century, mankind’s greatest feat may well be securing the world’s energy future for the next few centuries.

Subsea engineers often say that it is actually more difficult to put a machine 10,000 feet under the sea than send a rocket to the moon. Developing extreme machines to survive the extreme pressures and highly corrosive subsea environment is a challenge that teams across GE’s Global Research network have been working on for more than a decade.

Currently, offshore oil and gas processing happens on platforms on the surface of the sea, these are often located miles from a wellhead not to mention the fact that these wellheads are at the bottom of the ocean. However, by placing power and processing equipment next to the wellhead on the sea floor, it makes the job of extracting the oil and pumping it to the surface easier, safer and ensures a successful and economical flow of oil or gas from a reservoir to the point of sale. It is also environmentally sound and more cost efficient for the extraction company.

Through the Brazil Technology Center, GE is engaged with several of our Oil & Gas customer partners to develop all the pieces that will make this subsea oil and gas processing facility a reality. Today, GE announced the first of these efforts, unveiling plans to work with customers Petrobras and BG Group in the future.

“Our new research center in Brazil will allow GE to innovate locally for our customers in Latin America and then export those innovations to the world, “ said GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt. “Over the past decade, we have doubled down on our R&D investment and expanded our global network of Research Centers to address customer’s growing needs for breakthrough technology that we develop with them. We see significant growth opportunities in Latin America and having the best technology and solutions will ensure we maintain GE’s competitive edge.”
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