Launch Gold Vending Machine announces the launch of a CryptoCurrency Exchange that pairs their proprietary GFUN Token with Gold.

Following the successful deployment of the “GoldFund Kiosk” at the Gold and Alternative Investments Conference in Sydney, announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency exchange that will pair the exchange’s tokens against Gold.

The Exchange is expected to be trading before January 1, 2020.

Tim Mckinnon, CEO of GoldFund said, “The exchange will be available to users within a short time, allowing them to exchange their GFUN tokens for Gold. As far as we know is the first company to deploy a Gold vending machine in Australia. The vending machine is able to monitor the gold and cryptocurrency prices in real time, and make those commodities available instantly.”
The GoldFund exchange is offering a platform for new entrants in the cryptocurrency market, including the creation of the ERC 20 compliant tokens, listing on the exchange, and promotion to their existing userbase of over 12,000 members. GoldFund is recognised internationally on major cryptocurrency information platforms such as

The exchange’s native Token, the GoldFund Token (CRYPTO:GFUN), is traded on six international exchanges with holders in 41 countries.

As part of the Launch of the Exchange, GoldFund is offering 10 listing opportunities for organisations wanting their own tradeable CryptoCurrency Token.

GoldFundEx Exchange Listing Offer

TOKEN Generations and Listing

  • ERC20 Token Generation
  • Token Pairing – BTC ETH AUD GOLD
  • Token exposure on major global cryptocurrency information portals
  • Facilitation of off-market transactions
  • Marketing to GoldFund’s Social Media
  • International Visibility and Trading
  • Exposure to GoldFund’s 12,000 member userbase
  • Creation and Deployment of Token in approx. 6 weeks

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