Kuwait Petroleum Corporation announces LNG prices for July

The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) announced today prices of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), propane and butane, for July.
The Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) quoting a statement of the corporation said that propane would be sold for USD 575 per metric ton in the current month, a decrease of USD 105 compared to June’s USD 680 per metric ton.
Butane will be sold for USD 620 per metric ton during July, with a fall of USD 145 compared to USD 765 per metric ton last month.
The prices of propane and butane are affected by international oil prices and rates of the major currencies, namely the US dollar.
Rates of the gas are also influenced with political and security upheavals throughout the world, namely events in the Middle East, amid fears over possible shortages of crude supplies from the region to the world markets.
Propane and butane are used for cooking, heating, and production of petrochemical substances.