Neste VAT refunds in Finland and the Baltic countries

Neste has launched a new service, Neste VAT Refund, that makes it easier to apply for such refunds. The new service allows customers to outsource their refund applications to Neste. In the past, companies have had to apply for the refund for their VAT payments for the fuel they have bought abroad from the governmental agencies of each respective country.

“We are actively developing our product and service offering to meet our customers’ changing needs. Until now our customers have had to apply for their VAT refunds themselves. However, filling out applications takes a lot of time and effort, so we want to offer our customers the possibility of outsourcing this process. This will help them eliminate a dull task from their everyday work and allow them to focus on their own core business. Our customers will now get the VAT funds for fuel they have bought abroad in a much easier, and if needed, a much quicker way”, says Mika Hyötyläinen, Vice President of Marketing for Marketing & Services business area at Neste.

The Neste VAT Refund service is available in Finland and all the Baltic countries. In the standard service, the VAT refund application process is handled for the customer. All the documentation received when paying for fuel at service stations in Baltic countries by using the Neste card is automatically sent as attachments to the refund application. Customers themselves do not have to gather or send receipts or invoices. The refunds can be in the customer’s bank account within a few weeks. For customers who wish to file their own VAT refund application, Neste can provide the necessary documentation in an electric format.

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