Niger Delta militants claim renewed attacks on oil facilities

The Niger Delta Liberation Force (NDLF) said in an emailed statement that it had struck three flow stations in Delta state using remotely activated bombs. There was no immediate independent confirmation. “NDLF has carried out bombings of three oil flow stations in Delta State to draw government attention to the plight of the suffering people of Ayakoromo,” the statement said. Earlier this month, a military task force comprising the army, navy and air force began raiding and occupying camps believed to belong to John Togo, the suspected leader of the NDLF, close to the Ayakoromo communities in Delta. Nigeria’s army chief of staff said eight soldiers and six civilians were killed when Togo’s followers fled into Ayakoromo and then engaged soldiers in a gun fight.

The NDLF said it would surrender if the task force withdrew troops from its camps but the army has said it will continue to hunt Togo and his followers, who it says are responsible for violent armed robberies, ambushes and attacks. “If government is sincere for a dialogue, it should withdraw the soldiers around Ayakoromo and environs and NDLF will faithfully comply with its earlier promises of disarmament for peace to reign,” the statement said.