Nigeria and Nuclear Energy

The Minister of State for Power, Nuhu Way, was quoted as saying “If we have so many other sources of energy that are untapped, why do we have to be talking of one that is not readily available and is a long-term development plan? For you to put a nuclear plant and get it working, you are talking about eight years,” according to reports by NEXT newspaper.

The Environment Minister John Odey, on the other hand said nuclear energy is necessary to deal with rising energy demand. He claims hydroelectric power, oil and natural gas aren’t enough for the country.

The Minister of State for Power disagreed, saying Nigeria had plenty of natural resources to go around.
“We must remember that Nigeria is gas and oil economy and already has enough gas to potentially power the whole of Africa,” he was quoted as saying.

The Japanese nuclear crisis is creating concerns for nuclear power all over the world as its safety is being question.

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