Nigeria Oil Thefts continues

The Nigerian Navy has said it intercepted 17 vessels for engaging in illegal maritime activities during its (navy’s) recently-concluded military exercise in the oil-producing Niger Delta region. The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba, announced the interception to journalists in the oil city of Port Harcourt at the end of the exercise, code-named ‘Operation FARAUTA’, which means hunting.
According to local media reports Sunday, two of the 17 vessels were found culpable because they still have some explanations to make over the quantity of oil they were carrying at the time they were intercepted.
The Chief of Naval Staff said some of the vessels intercepted had crude oil in excess of the quantity authorised while one of them had no documentation.
‘It is important to note that the exercise would be continuous and we will do what is possible within the limit of available logistics,’ he said.
President Goodluck Jonathan has described Nigeria as the only country in the world where crude oil is stolen at an alarming rate.
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