Nigeria To Implement OCDS In It’s Major Projects

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday in London, during the anti-corruption summit hosted by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, said that in the prolongation of his administration’s war against corruption, Nigeria would soon begin the full implementation of the principles of Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS).
During the summit, he stated that OCDS would be applied to major projects in the oil, transportation, power, health, education and other sectors.
The data standard was designed and developed through an open process. It is focused on connecting up the data or documents that governments collect with the needs of users who want to help fix problems, analyze public contracting, and innovate the way contracts are made and delivered.
The OCDS enables disclosure of data and documents at all stages of the contracting process by defining a common data model.
The publication of OCDS ensures greater transparency in public contracting, and can support accessible and in-depth analysis of the efficiency, effectiveness, fairness, and integrity of public contracting systems.
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