Nigeria’s four refineries to resume production in July

Nigeria’s four refineries to resume production in July

Nigeria’s four refineries are set to roll back to life in July, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has said.
“I think by July, the four refineries should begin to work,” Mr. Alegbe, the spokesperson for the NNPC said according to reports by PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday

He reportedly stated that the two refineries in Port Harcourt are scheduled to begin to receive crude next week while those in Warri and Port Harcourt would follow shortly after.
Mr. Alegbe said the turnaround maintenance of the refineries, which he said began in November 2014, was being undertaken by NNPC’s in-house engineers.

“We had to resort to in-house engineers after the original builders of the refineries, who were called in to do the job, kept coming up with outrageous bills,” he said.

He said parts of the problems with the Port Harcourt refineries had to do with lack of electricity to power the facility.
“We have now installed a mini power plant to solve that problem,” the NNPC spokesperson said.

Mr. Alegbe said even when the four refineries operate at full capacity, they would only be able to cumulatively refine 19 million litres of petrol per day. Nigeria, he said, consumes 40 litres of petrol per day.

“As you can see, that leaves us with a balance of 21 litres per day, and we will still have to rely on importation to make up for that deficit,” Mr. Alegbe said.

Source: Source: PREMIUM TIMES

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