Oil tanker hijacked and freed in Nigeria waters

A Nigerian naval ship freed an oil tanker on Wednesday that had been hijacked near Lagos, According to news reports.
Pirates hijacked the Singapore-registered Abu Dhabi Star late on Tuesday, about 14 nautical miles from the entrance to Lagos port.
The raiders escaped when they saw a Nigerian naval ship and naval helicopter approach, navy spokesman Commodore Kabir Aliyu said. “There was no exchange of fire. All the crew members are safe,” he said. The rescued ship would anchor at Lagos harbour under naval protection pending an investigation, he added. A security source said there were 22 Indian sailors on board.
Lieutenant Commander Jerry Osomara, the Nigerian navy’s spokesman for Lagos, said it was not known if the fuel on board had been stolen.”Definitely their intent was to steal the oil, but we don’t yet know if they were successful,”.
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