OMV to recruit 1,600 new employees

OMV needs additional 1,600 experts by 2016
Growth in Exploration & Production to create new jobs
International careers with exciting prospects
OMV, the integrated, international oil and gas company, has launched a new job initiative. The planned growth in exploring and producing natural oil and gas means that the company will need around 1,600 additional technical staff by 2016, particularly university graduates and experienced specialists.
“OMV’s focus has been on the Exploration & Production segment since 2011. This is now having a positive impact on the job market”, says OMV CEO Gerhard Roiss. “We will need 1,600 new employees to achieve the growth we have planned. We are looking for motivated individuals with a technical background and an interest in working in some of the most exciting places in the world.”
OMV intends to meet both national and international demand for new employees and is not only looking for experienced staff from this sector, but also graduates in geosciences and oil engineering, thereby giving young people the chance to embark on a technical career.
In recent months OMV has paved the way for growth, with significant investments in Norway and the Black Sea. For those and other national and international projects new employees will be recruited. In the coming years more than two billion Euro p.a. are going to be invested in production of oil and gas only. In the Norwegian Sea OMV is a partner in developing the Aasta Hansteen and Zidane gas fields and activities will include building a massive, cutting-edge gas platform. In the Black Sea OMV is working on developing what may be the largest gas discovery in the company’s history.
OMV is working on new cooperation models with higher education providers such as the University of Leoben in order to provide more people with the opportunity to get an excellent technical education. OMV is thereby investing in education and cementing Austria’s competitive advantage as an economic hub.