Petrobras’s oil production in Brazil increased 5.3% in October

Petrobras oil production in Brazil in October reached 1 million 940 thousand barrels per day, a 5.3% increase in relation to September. Natural gas production in Brazil was 62 million 425 thousand cubic meters per day, 3.5% higher than September.
The total oil and natural gas production, in Brazil and abroad, was 2 million 581 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day, indicating a 4.4% increase from September.
Fields located in Brazil produced a total of 2 million 332 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day of oil and natural gas, corresponding to a 5% rise when compared to the previous month. Production increased despite the scheduled maintenance shutdowns of P-7, P-43 and FPSO Cidade de Vitória. This result was mainly due to the return to operations of other platforms that were under maintenance in September and to the start up of FPSO Cidade de Anchieta in Campos basin pre-salt, in the area known as Whales Park, in the coast of the Espírito Santo State.
International Production
Petrobras’s total production abroad was 249,301 boe/day, corresponding to a 0.2% reduction when compared to the previous month. Of this total, 150,767 barrels per day were of oil, representing a 1.5% increase in comparison to September. The main reason was the better efficiency of the Agbami field in Nigeria.
Natural gas production reached 16 million 741 thousand cubic meters per day, a 2.8% drop from September. The reduction was related to lower production in Argentina, due to the shut down of wells Santa Cruz I and Santa Cruz II, linked to social conflicts in the region.
Total production in Brazil mensured in cubic meters
The total production disclosed to Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency was 9,200,169.73 m³ of oil and 2,227,202.79 m³ of gas in October 2012. This output corresponds to the total production of the concessions in which Petrobras is the operator. Extracted volumes of Shale, NGL and partners’ production where Petrobras is not the operator are not included.