Qatar rated richest Arab country in 2012

Qatar emerged as the wealthiest Arab country in 2012 and was the richest nation on earth in 2011, with its GDP climbing to an all time high of $182 billion last year because of soaring gas exports and high oil prices. Its population stood at 1.8 million, pushing its GDP per capita to a record high of $101,111.
Kuwait’s GDP was put at around $178 billion and population at 3.7 million, with a per capita of $48,108 in 2012.
UAE’s nominal GDP peaked at about $375 billion in 2012 while its population stood at 8.2 million.
Oman was ahead of Saudi Arabia in terms of per capita, which stood at $25,806, with a nominal GDP of $80 billion and population of 3.1 million.
Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab economy and world’s top oil supplier, had a per capita of $22,377 as its GDP was estimated at $640 billion and population at 28.6 million.
The figures were compiled by the Washington-based Institute for International Finance (IIF)
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