Saudi Aramco at ChemIndix 2019

The conference, organized by the Saudi Arabian International Chemical Sciences Chapter of the American Chemical Society, revolved this year around the theme of finding “Breakthrough Solutions through Innovative Materials.”

Saudi Aramco has been supporting ChemIndix since its inception and this year was one of three diamond sponsors. The event focuses on developing breakthrough solutions to the challenges facing the energy and petrochemical industries.

Five main topics were discussed in three executive panels, five keynote speeches, 120 oral technical presentations, about 100 posters, and more than 35 think-tank sessions. The topics were on innovative materials in future cities and industries, digital transformation, breakthrough solutions in refining and chemicals, solutions in exploration and production, and on circular carbon economy and sustainability.

Circular carbon economy
During a panel session on the concept of a circular carbon economy, Saudi Aramco’s chief technology officer and the Executive Conference Advisory Board chairman, Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter, presented the view of the oil and gas industry.

Al-Khowaiter defined a circular economy as moving from a linear model, where materials are used and then disposed, to a more circular manner through the reduction of consumption, reuse, and recycle.

For circular carbon use, CO2 emissions from hydrocarbon combustion should be captured, reused, and recycled in other forms of energy to close the carbon cycle efficiently.

Al-Khowaiter emphasized the important role of oil and gas in powering the world economy through energy that sustains factories, mobility, and contributes to the growth and prosperity of societies. Leveraging renewables, he said, can ensure that these processes are carbon negative.

“Without that carbon-free energy, you can’t recycle the CO2,” said Al-Khowaiter. He noted that the circular concept presents an option to achieve a balance between societal needs, protecting the environment, and relying on the reduction and recycling of emissions only is insufficient.

The removal can be achieved via traditional methods such as forestry or industrial means. The goal, he said, is to achieve a balance between the carbon emitted and the amount reduced, recycled, and removed.

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