Scottish government bans fracking 'indefinitely'

Tory opposition at Parliament reportedly stated that fracking could have provided a potential energy and economic boom at a time of struggling growth. “The announcement of a ban today is a massive slap in the face to Scottish academia, engineers, geologists, industry experts and many more highly skillled individuals who have been dealt a heavy blow here today. “In a can do Scotland, know worldwide for its pioneering technologies, safety and responsibility, what kind of message does the cabinet secretary think he is sending out to those in these areas of academia and scientific research and those who work in the industry and who jobs have now been put at risk as well as those who could have been attracted to Scotland to work in this new industry? oilandgasOil and Gas News Undiluted !!! “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” Follow us: @OilAndGasPress on Twitter | OilAndGasPress on Facebook Disclaimer Most News articles reported on OilAndGasPress are a reflection of what is published in the media. OilAndGasPress is not in a position to verify the accuracy of daily news articles OilAndGasPress welcomes all viewpoints. Should you wish to provide a different perspective on the above article, please email us ]]>