Secure natural gas supply only possible with secure partnerships – Wintershall

• Wintershall present at the 25th World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur
• German-Russian joint venture Achimgaz has launched next phase of field development in Siberia
• Further growth by focusing on core regions, partnerships and technology
Kassel / Kuala Lumpur. The global gas market is marked by dynamic developments: “In order to secure its own gas supply long-term, Europe needs to take urgent action and increase its efforts to develop new sources and reliable transport routes,” Rainer Seele, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Wintershall, said at the 25th World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Otherwise Europe would be beaten by the Asian markets, especially China and India, who are now setting the pace, Seele said. “Europe must strengthen its presence right at the source – for that is where supply security begins,” the Wintershall CEO said. The countries in Europe are very fortunate that their gas producers are all in pipeline distance, but the natural gas also needs to reach Europe reliably. Furthermore, investments in a reliable infrastructure within Europe are also necessary – and that requires investment-friendly framework conditions. “We can only achieve all this by expanding the cooperation with the gas suppliers comprehensively – investing in strategic and long-term partnerships”. And this is precisely where Wintershall is so successful, the Wintershall CEO explained: “With our joint natural gas projects along the entire value added chain, the partnership between Gazprom and the BASF subsidiary Wintershall undoubtedly represents a blueprint for cross-border cooperation in the energy sector.” Seele said that the global competition for energy resources was essentially a competition for the best partnership concepts, and in this regard Europe had to concentrate on what it can offer the countries with large gas reserves: technical know-how and stable markets.
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